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Learning Detectives

Learning Detectives


The learning detectives are a new group of children, that meet once every term and go into classes and look for good learning.


Mr Penson introduced what learning detectives are to the whole school, letting them know what learning detectives are and what they do. The children then decided if they thought they would like the role of a learning detective and if so they completed an application form to Mr Penson.



What We Do

The children go into classrooms, following their rules and using their form, to look for learning.


The things that they look for are:

  • Good looking, listening and joining in.
  • The correct noise level for the task they are doing.
  • That children are talking about their work.
  • There are happy and active children.


The children take photos of the good learning that they see. They then come back together and discuss the good learning points they saw and the things that could be made better.


As part of their day they speak to different groups of children about their learning. They look with the child at their last 3 pieces of work and ask them key questions about their learning.   


Finally, they create a poster to show the good points and points for improvement using some of the pictures they took on their learning walks and then feedback this information to classes.

Learning Detectives 2022/23


After over 140 applications for different Pupil Voice roles, this year's Learning Detectives have been selected by Mr Penson. The children were informed in our Friday Celebration Assembly and our now all excited to begin their responsibilities.


Here are our Learning Detectives for 2022/23:

Grace M

Year 6

AnnaleeYear 6
HollyYear 5PaulYear 5
KiaraYear 5AdrianYear 5
AlexandraYear 5FrankYear 4
NamandeepYear 4PrimroseYear 4
Ruby WYear 4RozaliaYear 3
Mia CYear 2MehryYear 2
Mia MYear 2BaileyYear 1
OscarYear 1  


Learning Detectives - Training with Mrs Hendy


The Learning Detectives have begun their training ready for searching for excellent learning in our classrooms. The Year 5 and Year 6 Learning Detectives had the opportunity to join Mrs Hendy and Mr Penson on the Learning Walks around school observing lessons in every classroom. 


Mr Penson discussed with the Year 5 and Year 6 Learning Detectives how teachers carry out Learning Walks, what things teachers look for and how we record what we find. They were then given an example of what the Learning Detectives will use to observe classes and had an attempt at recording what they found.


They also discussed with Mr Penson what excellent learning should look like in a St Ignatius Catholic Primary School classroom. Sharing their ideas, they cam up with their own "Fabulous Four" principles for excellent learning. You can find a copy of the "Fabulous Four" to download in the links below.


Now the Year 5 and Year 6 Learning Detectives know how to lead a learning walk, they will be split into 4 teams with the remaining Learning Detectives which they will be in charge of. A meeting will be arranged in the near future to go over what the rules are for Learning Detectives when they are carrying out Learning Walks, how they are going to feedback what they found to classes and organise a date for when their first Learning Walk will take place.