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This week in Phonics I'd like the children to focus on the different ‘ai’ sounds. /ai/ay/a-e/

I have found a variety of activities for your children to do.

I’d like the children to begin with me and the flashcards but then please feel free to pick and choose which you would like to do each day.


With the ai/ay/a-e cards below there are lots of game options for you and your children.


  • You could do a simple sorting activity.  Sounding out the words and then finding the picture.
  • You could play snap – 2/3 players card game.
  • Play splat with fly swatters (Children only get to splat once they have sounded out and blended the word).
  • You could stick the word cards onto a wall outside and your children could either:
    - throw a small ball or bean bag at
    - with a soft toy nerf gun shoot at
    - kick a football at
    - (etc - be creative!)
    the words and only when they hit one do they sound it out.
  • You could lay them all upside down, turn over two cards each time to try to find the pairs, remembering where they are as you have to turn them back over each time.  You may only leave the cards face up when you have found their pair.  This also could be a 2/3 player game and you could keep the matches you find.
  • Hide the word cards around your home – treasure hunt to find them.  (Children could then sound button the words or find the picture to match on the table after each find)
  • Sound button the word cards.
  • Draw pictures on the word cards.
Activities in Word Document format:
Activities in PDF format:
Play a game...
Online Activities:

Lots of available games online on PhonicsPlay

Username: march20

Password: home

Please focus on Phase 3 ‘ai’ and Phase 5 ‘ay’ and ‘a-e’ to provide continuity.

Youtube Clips: