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To recognise Pope Francis as an important member of the Church

To recognise that Pope Francis acts in a particular way because of his beliefs


Explain that this next section of learning teaches us about Pope Francis and how he lives as a person led and inspired by the Spirit.

Build up a picture of Pope Francis as a person who because he follows Jesus acts (behaves) in particular ways.


Talk to children about Pope Francis actions that show that he is filled with the Holy Spirit, using images.


       visiting the poor or lonely people in their homes

       visiting the sick

       washing prisoners’ feet

       raising money to help the hungry

       living a simple life

       teaching us to care for all Creation


1. What did Pope Francis do?

2. What does this action show about what Pope Francis believes? 


Help children to make links when appropriate to previous learning:

IN THE BEGINNING and the Pope’s belief that God created our world and we are called to care for all creation.

PEOPLE OF PRAYER - the Beatitude(s) you focused on e.g. – his belief in comforting those who are sad, being merciful, being a peacemaker etc

LENT TO EASTER – his belief that as Jesus taught us at the Last Supper, we must serve one another.

EASTER TO PENTECOST – the belief that the Holy Spirit gives us courage to tell everyone the Good News

The life of Pope Francis in cartoon

In order to help Catholics around the world learn more about Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, we have worked together with Catholics from around the ...







Watch the Powerpoint







How can you follow the example of Pope Francis? Talk with your family about what you are doing or could do.

Pope Francis visits lonely and sick people. He comforts those who are sad.


There may be some people who are on their own who you cannot visit, and people you know who are sick. There may be people who are very sad.


  • Make them a card or write a letter to let them know you are thinking of them
  • Ring or message them
  • Make a video call
  • Check if they need help in any way.
  • Pray for people who are lonely and sick


Pope Francis shows us how to serve others.

  • Make a plan of what you can do to serve those people you are at home with.


The Holy Spirit gives us the courage to tell everyone that Jesus is Risen from the dead and shares his life with us.