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SATs Week with a Twist

Today is the day it all should have started,

The breakfasts, the tests  - your knowledge imparted.

Instead we are at home, safe and online,

Waiting for the whole world to settle, realign.

You worked hard all year for this time to come,

But SATs week isn't happening, it's okay to feel glum.

Your hard work wasn't wasted for soon you will see,

You are all Secondary ready - we are sure you agree.

We want you to know, we are proud of you all,

You are amazing and a special part of St Ignatius School!


This week we would like you to experience SATs Week with a Twist! 


If you would like to, you could try to follow the same timetable we would have followed during SATs week in school: 


Monday: Grammar and spelling 

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: Arithmetic 

Thursday: Reasoning 


For Friday, you might want to try and plan something fun for the day. For example, bake a cake, play outside, play games, a treasure hunt, watch a movie etc.