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Watch the videos below all about Deciduous and Evergreen trees.


Your task is to make a poster explaining the difference between Deciduous and Evergreen trees.  You could use a computer, paints, pencils, pens and other art and craft materials.  Please include some pictures and also some written information.


We would love to see your finished posters so please ask your grown-up to email then to us.


Have fun with your learning!



Deciduous vs Evergreen - KS1 Science Curriculum

Horticulturalist Piers Warren, explains the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees.

Sesame Street: Deciduous trees

Learn about Deciduous trees.

Trees That Never Lose Their Leaves! | Science for Kids

Learn about Evergreen trees that keep their leaves all year round

Deciduous Trees - season animation

This animated video shows the changes that a Deciduous tree goes through during the year.