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In September 2018 the Catholic Church held a National Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool. Since then we have been developing the children’s understanding of our belief that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.


On the night before He died, when Jesus was sharing the Passover meal with his friends, He gave us the gift of Himself in bread and wine.

He told us to ‘Do this in memory of me’.

Each time we celebrate Mass, we remember Jesus’ death and are united with Him in bread and wine.


After Mass, consecrated hosts are reserved in the tabernacle. A red sanctuary lamp burns near the tabernacle as a sign that Jesus is with us in a real way. That is why we genuflect when we enter church. We are saying ‘Jesus, You are my King. I am at Your service. I am ready to listen to You.’


The children will have the opportunity to visit St Ignatius Church to spend time before the tabernacle or in adoration, when the Blessed Sacrament (the consecrated host) is placed in a monstrance on the altar for all to see.

This is a time just to be quiet and close to Jesus who loves us.

Eucharistic adoration is a form of prayer that began centuries ago. The same Jesus who we receive in the Eucharist is who we worship in adoration.


There are four things we want to say to Jesus;

I love You.

I thank You.

Please forgive me.

Help me and help others.


When we leave the church after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist or spending time in His presence, we are called to take that presence into our daily lives, by loving and serving others.

At school we remind children that this is our mission as Catholic Christians.


Let us pray:

Loving Father,

All your children are precious to you.

Help us, your daughters and sons,

to recognise Jesus in the Eucharist,

and in the faces of our sisters and brothers.

May we work together in shared respect, so that all may come to the fullness of life you have promised.