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Subject Vision Statement


The teaching of History at St. Ignatius Catholic Primary School aims to stimulate pupils’ interest and understanding of the past, gaining insight into how the past has influenced our lives today. This insight aims to create a cultural identity and foster respect for others. Through the historical enquiry process of examining evidence, analysis and posing questions; pupils are engaged and proactive in their learning, fostering independence and problem-solving. Pupils also learn that history is opinions, viewpoints and motives interwoven and enjoy deciphering historical ‘fact’, utilising skills from all curriculum areas.


History is taught cross-curricularly, with meaningful links to all other areas. Pupils become responsible for their own learning through open ended challenges and contextual activities. They understand that the enquiry process is about testing ideas and use evidence to justify or explain their reasoning. Pupils work collaboratively and supportively and are able to pose their own lines of enquiry, enabling the subject to become child-led and owned by the pupils.