St Ignatius CatholicPrimary School

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Values and Ethos

Our school is built upon a strong foundation of Catholic and British Values.

Our Mission Statement

Achieving our best by learning together and serving one another.


Putting Jesus Christ at the heart of all we do and living as one family,

we base our aims on the teaching of St Ignatius.


  • achieve excellence for all
  • be for others
  • find God in all things
  • build the Kingdom
  • laugh and grow strong


All for the greater glory of God



Our school aims to unite as one family, one community, who welcome all and act to support and nurture one another. This is an active mission, where our team are committed to ensuring all children are valued and seen for who they are. It is part of our mission to instil this in our children, and to encourage them in the principles of solidarity and supporting others in our school, local and wider communities.



We believe every child deserves an excellent education. Our team is dedicated to offering our children the best education we can. As part of this we are developing our curriculum further to meet the needs of our children.

We also expect excellence from our children, in terms of behaviour and effort. We are supporting them in this with a wide range of pastoral support, Growth Mindset and instilling a belief that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.



As a Catholic school, service is key to our school’s mission: service to our local community, to our families, to the children and to each other.

Through Catholic Social Teaching and British Values, we actively teach children about their role in the wider world and how they can make a difference by serving others. Our School Council, Mini Vinnies and Eco Council (who are currently working towards Green Flag status for the school) are excellent examples of service, but it can be seen in our children as we walk around the school, in their good manners, kindness and care for one another.