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ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) 

Miss L White 










The aim of our school ELSA is to develop and deliver an emotional literacy support programme for pupils who have difficulties understanding, identifying and managing their emotions.


Access to the ELSA is via our staff referral process. If you feel that your child would benefit from some support with any current or ongoing issues, please contact your class teacher or a member of our senior leadership team.


ELSA may provide parents and staff with support ideas focusing on the area of highlighted concern, or availability will be made for your child to participate in sessions with the ELSA in person.

Please be aware that sessions are on a 6 week rotation and there is a waiting list.


Emotional Literacy Support Assistants receives regular supervision from an Educational Psychologist to continually develop their knowledge and understanding in these areas:



Emotional Regulation

Communication Support

Empathy & Understanding others


Self Esteem

Anger Management

Loss & Bereavement

and more.


Welcome to the CABIN (Care, Acceptance, Belonging, Inclusion and Nurture).  



The Cabin is a central hub within the school where the ELSA can provide tailored interventions for emotional needs.  The cabin is welcoming, promoting a calm and supportive environment in which children feel relaxed and comfortable to share their feelings and develop resilience. 




ELSA Lunchtime Buddies


We recognise that unstructured times, such as playtime and lunch time, can be challenging for some children.  This can range from social difficulties and emotional regulation.  We have a team of 20 Year 5 and 6 students that have been trained by the ELSA as lunchtime buddies.  




"Hi, I'm a lunchtime buddy.  Miss White has trained us to look out for children who are sad or don't have anyone to play with and help them find a friend.  Sometimes we show them how to play a game and how to get others to play too."  Lunchtime Buddy, Year 6. 


"We work with the adults on the playground to help children enjoy our playtime.  Everyone knows who we are because we wear our Buddy jackets which are really bright." Lunchtime Buddy, Year 5




"I love playing with the buddies at lunchtime. They make me laugh and help me find my friends when I don't know who to play with."  Year 1 Child