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Helping children stay safe online


The internet is brilliant. Children use it to have fun, play games, stay in touch with family and friends, and help with homework.

One of the challenges parents and children face today, however, is how to stay safe online. Most children at St Ignatius have access to the internet at home, on computers, games consoles, tablets, phones, and even smart TVs.


How can we help to keep them safe?

At St Ignatius, children are taught about e-Safety every year. In Key Stage One, the children follow the Hector's World scheme this year, and this will evolve next academic year. 


In Key Stage 2, the children are following the Be Internet Legends scheme.

We hold assemblies for children reminding them how to stay safe online and take part in Safer Internet Day.


Be Internet Legends - ToolkitWe take problems that happen online at home as seriously as those that happen in school and will work with parents to resolve any issues.


The school is signed up to the National Online Safety Website where you can find a wide range of valuable resources on how to keep children safe online. Parents can get free access to the site via this link:


We have produced a child-friendly version of our e-Safety policy which you can find on this page, along with links to other pages you may find helpful.


Top Tips for Parents from Internet Matters (click here for link)

1. Agree Boundaries

2. Stay Involved

3. Explore together

4. Talk to siblings

5. Use airplane mode

6. Check if it's suitable


The sixth point here is the one that is most important. Increasing numbers of children are using apps for which they are not old enough, including Whatsapp, and more worryingly, TikTok. 

It is essential you are aware of the apps your child is using, what the risks are, and are monitoring their use regularly.


Safety guidelines for children

Child-friendly e-Safety policy