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Subject Vision Statement

"Mathematics is the music of reason."

James Joseph Sylvester


Here at St. Ignatius our vision for Mathematics is for all children to thoroughly enjoy the subject through an approach that is underpinned by exploration, curiosity, discovery and perseverance.


Our aim is to ensure all pupils experience a high-quality mathematics education that enables them to recall key facts, reason mathematically, solve problems and have the confidence, understanding and skills to enable them to use maths in their everyday lives, both now and in the future.  


We aim to spark a love of mathematics and the way it can be used to explain the complexities of the world in simple terms.


Our Curriculum

At St. Ignatius we have a mastery approach to Mathematics.  We want our children to have a deep and secure understanding of the subject.  Our goal is that children not only know how to arrive at an answer but why the method is appropriate, why it is efficient, why we use particular resources or diagrams.  The mastery approach to Mathematics enables our pupils to become critical thinkers who are able to transfer their knowledge, skills and understanding to a range of mathematical scenarios.


The National Curriculum for Primary Mathematics has three main aims which are at the heart of how the children learn. These are:


  • Fluency – The children will learn key mathematical facts and be able to recall them quickly and accurately.  They will learn to apply these facts in a variety of contexts.  Fluency is taught using many different representations to develop understanding.


  • Reasoning – The children will learn to be logical thinkers and be able to choose appropriate and efficient problem solving strategies for a given question.  They will investigate relationships and generalisations and be able to justify and prove their thoughts using mathematical language and representations.


  • Problem Solving – The children can apply their mathematics to a variety of problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.


Online Learning


Children are able to consolidate and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding using the online learning sites My Maths and Times Table Rock Stars

and achievements are regularly celebrated at school.