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School Council


"Love is shown more in deeds than in words." 

St Ignatius of Loyola


Welcome to the homepage for the St. Ignatius School Council!


On this page you can find out about our current projects and see our newsletters.

School Council Members 2023/24


The children were informed in our Friday Celebration Assembly and our now all excited to begin their responsibilities.


Here are our School Council Members for 2023/24:

CHAIREllisYear 6
VICE CHAIRArthurYear 6
YEAR 6ElizabethAiden
YEAR 5StephanieFrank
YEAR 5CrystabelEliot
YEAR 4JemimaTanveer
YEAR 4TianaFaustino
YEAR 3ZohairOnaya
YEAR 3EvaJacob
YEAR 2FredericoAriella
YEAR 2ThomasFreya
YEAR 1OrlaNathan
YEAR 1AnastasiaTeddy





Part of our role as representatives for the children in our class, we were invited to take part in the interview process for a new member of staff. 


We met together before the interview day to discuss what questions we would like to ask someone who wanted to come and join our school. Together, we came up with a range of questions to learn about who the candidate was and how they were going to make our school a better place.


On the interview day, we met up in The Place with our questions and a feedback sheet where we could record what we thought about the interviewee. In turn, we asked our questions and listened to the candidates responses. 


Once the interview was over, we had a discussion about the answers that were given and what impact we thought this person would have if they joined our school community.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the interview process and took great pride from being given this responsibility as school council.