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Subject Vision Statement

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith


At St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, we are committed to the teaching of foreign languages as we understand and appreciate the benefits they can bring. Languages are a skill for life which helps children to develop communications skills and improves their knowledge of the intricacies of language, using key skills of speaking, listening and understanding.


We believe the learning of languages should be fun and rewarding for all children and we hope that learning a second language at an early age will give our students the confidence to ‘have a go,’ whether that be in work or on holiday.


All Key Stage 2 pupils must now learn a second language as part of the National Curriculum and we have chosen to teach Spanish at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School. Spanish will be introduced to our KS1 children through stories, songs, questions and discussion and we will extend this learning in KS2 with a more detailed look at the language and customs of Spain.


Our Curriculum

At St. Ignatius, we use the Language Angels scheme. 


Language Angels provide award-winning language teaching resources. It has more than 26 teaching units, all organised into easy to understand, clearly defined categories that enable the teacher to choose the right unit for the level of ability of their classes.


It contains fantastic cross-curricular units to fit with our creative curriculum and has a fully structured language teaching scheme.


With Language Angels we can teach your children in a variety of ways making their language learning fun and engaging:


  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations with all instances of the language pre-recorded using a native speaker and fully controlled by the teacher.
  • A full range of interactive games. The children love these and will be clamouring for more.
  • Worksheets
  • A whole range of cross-curricular units including The Tudors, World War II, Healthy Eating, The Romans, Habitats and The Planets (to name but a few).


Extra-curricular opportunities

At St Ignatius, we are excited to offer an after school Spanish Club to our children (currently subject to COVID restrictions).


We also have a strong choir, ably led by Mr Pollard, who perform regularly both in school and in our wider community who have begun to introduce Spanish songs into their repertoire.